Friday, October 7, 2011


The Rich & Management gifted themselves with bonuses over these last three years. Christmas and they will give them one more time to ‘keep their best and their brightest’ happy and in place. And we go into 2012 with unemployment at 9.1% and 23 million unemployed or underemployed. But don’t take a side, don’t vote for representation. just be mad and let the GOP in to all the other seats in Congress. Don’t go Ralph Nader we need to keep Obama with support. Please!

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From the time I was about 8yrs old in 1953. I saw clearly that century had moving technologies that were moving the whole world faster than any other century in history. The Airplanes history happen all before me, and Radio as the main media was being transformed by TV. TV was 6hr on some national channels in San Francisco. Passed 8 I was aware some people cultures had been moved 300 years and more and others came from tribal home to the whole world. A moving changing world (good to great and poor and cruel) has always been with me. This century is going quicker and that is what we will live thru..