Friday, August 17, 2012

This might help someone

The internet has a few peer to peer private registry sites that give you the chance to purchase exactly what your friends have on there own wish personal reregistered list. Great idea for getting your house the way you want, great idea for young families starting out. The peer to peer registry purchasing from major brand stores and even specialty web pages can get businesses more sales, and get you what you want, right the first time. If your kids are into playing with one kind of toy, or you’re collecting trains or some one-of-a-kind brand, it’s a great way to get the right, right thing. I like the web ideas economic reach. So if I can add from there.. This is a good starting point for social impact were there is a need or a wish list that is a little passed peer to peer. Getting product donations to need groups or individuals is only an add-on to the peer to peer private registry. Collecting backpacks for foster kids or new school uniforms for under privileged kids who have to do uniforms. Private schools with limited funds or church groups that have needs or projects that need funding can come up with long wish lists for needs. The peer to peer private registry sites can be built out to do more while still being a sales vehicle with profit.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Anthony's Bad Laws

Scalia was talking about keeping the 18th century intent of the text when deciding law. It’s asking for new Amendments to demand today’s intent should has to be defined to define today’s law. What did we add, like 326 million people since Seventeen Eighty-seven. Conservatives for states rights and liberals to define natural individuals, would vote down State licensed corporations as being people. Having to move all passed old intent to redefine popular law is what we are coming to with this court.

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From the time I was about 8yrs old in 1953. I saw clearly that century had moving technologies that were moving the whole world faster than any other century in history. The Airplanes history happen all before me, and Radio as the main media was being transformed by TV. TV was 6hr on some national channels in San Francisco. Passed 8 I was aware some people cultures had been moved 300 years and more and others came from tribal home to the whole world. A moving changing world (good to great and poor and cruel) has always been with me. This century is going quicker and that is what we will live thru..