Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Leadership Issue

Leadership issues, like Obama leading the Congress half of which is under the controlled of a hard core Republican majority. Just think of this leadership example. John McCain being the special guest Grand Marshall for the Victory Parade in Kandahar Afghanistan. He’s in front leading the Victory Parade with a contingent of Southerners from the tribes in the south of the country coming first in the Parade. Next you have the Central tribes, some small Afghanistan Military Units and school kids from the American efforts to put schools into the Villages. The last largest contingent comes from Northern tribes. McCain gets to viewing stands and takes his place to review the Victory Parade’s passing. Leadership is hard when the enemy does not intend to give anything. John McCain would have a safer seat for a Victory Parade in Kandahar Afghanistan, than Obama has with every State of the Nation address before the Joint Session of this Congress. You can write out the catastrophe that would follow. Right! Well here we are. Think of the GOP as someone Obama needs to lead when they all want him replaced at all cost. Even one of the Supreme Court Justices on the right put into place under George Bush, was talking under his breath at what Obama was saying. Think about standing before your enemy and offering leadership they don’t every want to sign onto. Is it Obama’s fault the GOP wants power.

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